Living on the Island for close to 40 years has been an unforgettable experience! 

An experience that everyone should have even if only for a week.  Walks on a gorgeous Beach, collecting Shells,    Sea Glass...   watching and listening to the sounds of the Sea Birds...   working with the local groups (and there are many)...   or just enjoying the tremendous Sunsets every evening.  I look forward to sharing all of these experiences with you.  My good intentions are to send you Pics of our beaches, results of our town meetings and the everyday events that occur on 7-Mile Island.  I think you will be surprised with all the activities happening almost everyday. Hoping you 'Fall in Love' with Avalon/Stone Harbor and come to visit us soon!

Miriam Kauterman, Owner/Broker



Happy New Year Avalon & Stone Harbor!

What a phenomenal Real Estate year it was for you!

In Avalon, the total dollar amount of sales was $415 Million dollars which included a total of 276 properties. The highest sale was $6.5 Million. Guess where that was located... yep, you are right... an Oceanfront Home!

Stone Harbor was right behind Avalon with a total number of 139 Sales and a dollar value of over $233 Million.

Remember, Stone Harbor is a much smaller Borough than Avalon. 

Presently, in Stone Harbor there are only 43 homes and 20 condo's for Sale; while Avalon has 85 homes and 45 condo's on the market. With the Stock Market soaring and inventory down, you may want to give serious thought to contacting me to purchase your Beach Home!  Call Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate, 609-967-9200, ASAP to start looking for your special "Home by the Sea"!


Last night Santa and Mrs. Claus came to Avalon on a fire truck that had the sirens going

and lights flashing! The little ones were squealing with excitement and jumping up and down,

as they could not believe Santa was actually coming to see them. Last night you could feel the

Magic of Christmas!

If I did not sell Real Estate in Avalon/Stone Harbor, 

this is what I could do tomorrow, Wednesday, December 20th. Put on a cool outfit and go to Aerobics in Avalon at 9 AM or do Pilates in Stone Harbor at 9:30 AM...    Hmmm, which one? If I am not in a jumping up & down mood,

I could do Sit & Be Fit in Avalon at 11:15 AM. Since I am a bit artistic, I will then go and do some Oil Painting in Stone Harbor at 1 PM. After I finish my Van Gogh, I'll catch up with some friends and do line dancing.  My day is still not over...    I will grab a bite to eat and head to Avalon Library for their 6 PM Romance Book Club discussions. Who doesn't love romance in their lives! Never a dull moment on 7-mile Island!

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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No Long Lines...

This may sound silly, but one thing I love about living on 7-Mile Island is that there are no

lines in the Post Office. Being in business, I frequent the Post Office several times a week and

most of the time, I am in and out quickly. Being the impatient person that I am, that is Heaven.

I lived in Philadelphia for half my life and you always had lines... especially at Christmas and

April 15th. Those lines went out the door and around the corner. Well, that may be a bit of an

exaggeration, but not much. So as you stand in line this year at the Post Office, visualize

yourself in Avalon or Stone Harbor with no traffic, no people and feeling stress free!

Happy Holidays!


Avalon/Stone Harbor Weekly Real Estate Update

Avalon and Stone Harbor always has real estate activity, even during the Holidays.

This past week, Avalon had 3 real estate settlements: 

1250 Dune Drive - $945,000;  4266 Dune Drive - $1.285 M;  393 22nd Street - $1.450 M

Stone Harbor had one settlement at 276 85th Street - $925,000.

Presently, there are:

87 Single-Family Homes and 46 Condo's on the market in Avalon 

48 Single-Family Homes and 24 Condo's on the market in Stone Harbor

The lowest priced home in Avalon is $750,000; Stone Harbor's is $539,000.

The highest priced home in Avalon is $9,975,000; Stone Harbor's is $10 Million.

There are many differences in the two towns, when it comes to Zoning.

Make sure, when you purchase, you know the Zoning Rules!


Stone Harbor Family/Handicapped Bathroom

I write to you today so that you are aware of a discussion that will be had on Tuesday, December 19th at 4:00 PM at the Borough of Stone Harbor. Joan Kramar, a Council Woman, will be discussing the need for a family/handicapped single bathroom at the Water Tower public bathrooms located at 96th Street & Second Avenue. Many of us, who are fortunate enough to not need a separate bathroom for the handicapped, do not realize the problems associated with this situation. For example, if you have an older daughter in a wheelchair that needs help in the bathroom, a father must take his daughter into the men's room to assist her. Thousands of tourists flow into Stone Harbor every week. Some are handicapped. Wouldn't it be great for them to know they can enjoy our Town and 96th Street and not worry. I hope Council has the foresight and the votes to pass a bill to build a Family/Handicapped Single Bathroom in Stone Harbor.

If you are a Stone Harbor Resident, you can email Sue Stanford, Deputy Clerk at  Your email MUST start with "Please Read into the record at the

Council Meeting".  A few sentences in support will suffice.  When finished, sign your

name and include your Stone Harbor address.  Fingers crossed, it will pass!


It is cold today ...

and the West wind is making it worse. Temperature this morning is 26 degrees, but if feels

like 12 degrees.  Brrr.  Stay wram everyone!!!


Avalon and Stone Harbor are Winter Wonderlands!                                                       

If you want to get into the Spirit of Christmas, all you need do is park your car on 96th Street

in Stone Harbor and walk around this well-decorated town. The Christmas Tree at Harbor

Square has to be rated the most unique in the world!  You will have a smile on your face

continuously, as you stroll through our unique little town. 

Avalon's town center at 21st Street is also a sight to see. Veterans Plaza is completely decked out

in bright lights and an unforgettable 40-foot tree, adjacent to the plaza, is a must see! From 32nd

Street to 20th Street, every tree on Dune Drive is covered with Christmas lights. You almost know

what heaven feels like when you do this drive. Without a doubt... 


From September to May, the Avalon Senior Citizens have lunch together on the second

Tuesday of the month. Usually it is held at a local restaurant and we bring in a Speaker that

everyone would benefit from. December meetings are more of a fun gathering and, as you

can see, we had some of our local owners get up today and lead us in Christmas Caroling.

In June, we gather at the Windrift for our annual Cocktail Party.  If you are thinking of living

at the Beach, young or old, you will always have something to do! Island living is the best!


  Miriam Kauterman, Owner/Broker of Record 

Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate