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We Welcome You to Our Island!

Tips and Suggestions to Help You Avoid Common Rental Problems

Check In is at 1:00 p.m.:

The majority of our rentals you can go directly to their rental home without the hassle of having to come to our office to pick up keys.  It will be open for you and your keys and Welcome Bag will be inside the home. (In secure buildings or non-Saturday Check-ins we do require you to come to our office to get keys).  Under no circumstances are you allowed to go to the property prior to 1:00 p.m.  We realize you are excited to start your vacation, but we need to be certain the home is clean and vacated so you can enjoy your stay.

Check In:  

We realize how important your vacation is and we promise to do everything we can to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.  At times, issues will arise that are beyond our control.  Please know that we will do everything we can to mediate these issues.  In your Welcome Bag is a Property Report. This sheet is very important and should be completed and returned to our office as soon as possible - within a day or two. By completing and returning this sheet, you will be letting us and the owner know of any defects at the property. If, upon your arrival, you encounter a problem that needs immediate attention; please do not hesitate to call our office.

Check Out is at 10:00 a.m. promptly:

Please return your keys to the office at 3001 Dune Drive, Avalon. Please do NOT leave the keys at the rental home.  As a consideration to the vacationers following you, kindly leave the premises neat and in good order at the time of your departure. If you leave prior to business hours, you can drop your keys and reservation form for next year in our mail slot located on the left side of the front door.  Follow the instructions that were in your Welcome Bag at check-in.  Also, check for belongings that you might have overlooked. 

Beach Tags:  

The majority of our owners do not provide beach tags.  Before you purchase beach tags, check in the house and see if any beach tags have been left by the owner or a previous tenant.  Avalon beach tags can be used in Stone Harbor and Stone Harbor tags can be used in Avalon.  Beach tags are required for anyone 12 and older.  If beach tags are provided, please count to make sure all have been returned.  Check all bathing suits and beach chairs for missing tags.


The majority of our rentals do not include linens and towels. You are responsible for supplying your sheets, bath towels and beach towels. Owners provide pillows and a bed spread or comforter for each bed. There are several linen rental and concierge services on the island and we would be happy to send you their contact information.



Many tenants complain of refrigerators not cooling.  To avoid this please:  Do not overload the refrigerator or freezer upon your arrival, as sufficient air space is a must for proper functioning and maximum cooling.  Remember also that hot, humid weather impacts the effectiveness of refrigerators and freezers. Absolutely do not adjust the refrigerator's settings above medium level.  This always results in insufficient cooling - give it time!  Please keep all food in the refrigerator or in tightly covered containers to avoid ants and other unwelcome guests.



If your rental property has air-conditioning, please do not overwork the system by running it with the doors and windows open.  Air-conditioner repair services can be difficult to schedule during peak times and same-day service cannot be arranged.



Please do not overload your washer and dryer.  Improper distribution and loading of heavy towels and bedding can cause appliance failure.



Recycling of trash is required by law in Avalon and Stone Harbor.  Please be sure to place the specific items (glass, cans, plastic containers & newspapers) in their proper, provided containers.  Regular trash must be placed in a “covered trash can”.  Loose plastic trash bags are prohibited due to sea gulls tearing them open. Failure to comply can result in a substantial fine by the Borough. If you do not recycle a $50 fine will be deducted from your security deposit for the cost of necessary sorting  for recycling.

Avalon Trash Collection Routes
Section #1 (North)    -   Inlet to 23rd Street
Section #2 (Middle) -    23rd Street to 42nd Street
Section #3 (South)    -   42nd Street to North Side of 80th Street

All Sections cover the area from the Ocean to the Bay

Trash Schedule
Section #1 - Monday & Thursday
Section #2 - Tuesday & Friday
Section #3 - Wednesday & Saturday

Recycling Schedule
Section #1 - Monday Only
Section #2 - Tuesday Only

Section #3 - Wednesday Only

Stone Harbor Trash Collection Routes & Schedule

Monday and Thursday

80th to 93rd     - Ocean to Bay (Pennsylvania, Linden, Sunset)

Tuesday and Friday

94th to 103rd   - Ocean to Bay (Seng, Sunrise, Sunset, Berkley, Charles, Corinthian, Golden Gate)
Wednesday and Saturday

104th to 122nd - Ocean to Bay (Sunset, Chelsea Place, Paradise, Stone, Weber, Bower


Beach and Street receptacles  

6 Days (Sunday by Request)


Trash in plastic bags must be placed in rigid receptacles with tight-fitting covers.

Recycling Schedule


80th to 88th & Commercial - Sunset to 88th (Linden, Pennsylvania, Sunset)


89th to 96th & Commercial - Sunset to 96th (Seng, Sunset)


97th to 100th & Commercial - (Berkley, Charles, Corinthian, Golden Gate, Sunrise, Sunset)


101st to 106th & Commercial - (Chelsea, Sunset, Paradise)


107th to 122nd Complete - (Stone, Weber, Bower)

Do not place any trash or recyclables curbside! The Stone Harbor Borough provides “rear yard” pickup.

If you choose to use the Barbecue Grill (where applicable), please know that it is YOUR responsibility to clean it after use. Cleaning companies do not do this. If the property has a grill, this does not mean the propane tank will be full. Please let us know if you need a recommendation on where to get it filled. Propane is not warranted. It is the same for charcoal.

Grills are not permitted on decks unless they are fed by a natural gas line.

If there is a propane tank, DO NOT USE GRILL ON THE DECK - it is illegal. 

Please keep the grill in the backyard. This is an Avalon Borough Ordinance.

ALERT!  Please close all umbrellas and secure all deck/patio furniture during stormy weather.

When you return your keys to our office at the end of your stay, why not reserve your rental property for next year? A convenient rental reservation form is included in your packet, which you can return to Avalon/Stone Harbor Real Estate along with your keys at the end of your stay.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay!

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