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The Buying Process

1.  The first thing to do is to contact a Mortgage Lender to learn about the various mortgage programs available and the best options for you. We can help you select local lenders familiar with the area you are purchasing in to help guide you through this process.

2.  Begin your property search by setting up an appointment with us to share your family’s needs and requirements. Share your Pre-approval Mortgage information and the price range you are comfortable with, so that we can recommend appropriate homes and locations. We will schedule appointments and take you through those homes you select.

3.  Once you select your Dream Home, we will prepare a contract and negotiate with the Listing Agent and their Sellers to obtain the best price for you and make it a win-win for all!

4.  The 3-day Attorney Review process will begin after all parties have signed and received a copy of the Sale Contract.

5.  After the Attorney Review period we will then assist you in ordering a home inspection. We will review the report and make a list of what repairs, if any, that you wish to have done. We will discuss these repairs with the Seller's Agent and negotiate their completion.

6.  We will assist you in selecting an exterminator to complete a pest inspection and any other inspections that may be necessary such as septic, lead-based paint, etc. We will then review the reports and identify if there is any need for treatment.

7.  We will assist you in selecting a local Title Company who will order the title work, title insurance, survey, and elevation.

8.  We will assist you in selecting an Insurance Company to obtain liability, flood, and contents insurance.

9.  We will guide you through all steps of the buying process to ensure closing is a stress free day!

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